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PRO OFFICE is a complete service and distribution network, delivering personalized and convenient business solutions with first class customer service all in a one-stop center
One-Stop Centre for Total ICT Solutions
PRO OFFICE offers integrated facilities ranging from Document Imaging Services, Enterprise System & Solutions ICT Office Equipment, Networking Solutions and Hardware & System Maintenance
MSC Status Company
MSC Status Company is a recognition by the Malaysian Government through Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), for ICT and ICT-facilitated businesses that develop or use multimedia technologies to produce and enhance their products and services


We offers comprehensive services with efficient, creative, innovative, high quality and can stimulate, empower and enrich the user direct, efficient, systematic and precise and highly motivated based on the latest technology.


To meet the demand for services provided to customers and satisfy the taste buds with an efficient, systematic and accurate.


Produce employees who are highly motivated and has the admirable qualities such as Siddiq, Trust, Tabligh and Fathonah.


Services based on advanced technology, and sustainable current. Adapting operating systems and procedures are efficient, creative, innovative, efficient and high quality.


We specialise in the following services:


Secure Document Imaging

Document Conversion Services offered by PRO OFFICE focuses in digitizing the physical files to digital format for ease of archiving and retrieving. As storing physical files at customer business premises can be costly to business, not to mention about keeping the inactive files.


iDeM is a Integrated Document and Electronic Record Management Solution. iDeM is one of EDRMS web application that can be access over the network such as the internet or the intranet. It provides a real time service in which the records that are uploaded into the repository will immediately be available to the user.

iDeal Gallery

PRO OFFICE provides a full solution for building & managing your digital library. iDeal Gallery features all in one solution which is user friendly, fast, flexible and compliant with international standards.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology.


Software Development

We are a premier custom software development and quality assurance company delivering complex world-class software solutions on a variety of technology platforms.

Networking Solutions

The primary purposes of a network is to increase productivity by linking computers and computer networks, so that people have easy access to Information regardless of differences in time, place, or type of computer system.


ICT Hardware & Software Solutions

We will provide everything you need in an office environment, from ICT office equipments and supplies, to sophisticated ICT solutions, service and support all within our TOTAL ICT SOLUTIONS.

ICT Maintenance

PRO OFFICE provides 99.9 per cent availability and 24/7 support. Our proactive approach reduces helpdesk calls by identifying problems before they arise. A combination of accredited engineers and best-in-class management tools gives our clients business regular health checks that prevent minor issues turning into major disruption.



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