What is

iDeM is a Integrated Document and Electronic Record Management Solution. iDeM is one of EDRMS web application that can be access over the network such as the internet or the intranet. It provides a real time service in which the records that are uploaded into the repository will immediately be available to the user. It enables your organization to more easily comply with regulations and corporate policies, and it helps you secure information from inappropriate access and misuse.


Instant Access To Information

Delivered In a Cost Effective Way

No Software To Download

Use Internet

Integration With Other Applications

New Features Delivered Regularly


  1. Assist in compliance with standards and legislation
  2. Reduce response times for information requests
  3. Eliminate redundant and duplication of paper
  4. Remove paper from the records management cycle
  5. Classifications / Taxonomy
  6. Retention Policies
  7. Retention Holds
  8. Audit Trail
  9. Locking / Finalizing Records
  10. Web-based Bulk Loading

Benefits (User)

  1. Storage and management of electronic documents
  2. Simultaneous access of documents by multiple users in multiple locations
  3. Support many different file formats
  4. Management of variety of records
  5. Reduce the cost of legal discovery, investigation and audit
  6. Graphical Workflow Designer
  7. Time-based execution
  8. Integration with other systems

Benefits (IDEM)

  1. Document check-in and check-out
  2. Document Types & Indexes
  3. Full Text Search / Index Search / Saved Search
  4. Folders and document level secutiry access control
  5. Folder Hierarchy
  6. Multiple prinsipal (users group rights and privileges)
  7. Secure share
  8. Task workflow
  9. e-signature (email approval)
  10. Private folder / User Trays
  11. Audit trail for reporting and tracking
  12. Dashboard Gadgets
  13. MS Office Integration (include Outlook)

Workflow Features

  1. Graphical Worflow Designer
  2. Sequential and Parallel Execution
  3. Escalation
  4. Time-based execution
  5. Routing Rules
  6. Custom Business Logic
  7. Custom Validation Rules
  8. Integration with other systems
  9. Auto-Assignment of work
  10. Round-Robin
  11. Least Work
  12. Custom
  13. Swimlanes
  14. Milestones
  15. Key Performances indices
  16. Estimated / Actual Costs
  17. Estimated / Actual Durations
  18. Audit Trail
  19. Auto-Launch